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About Holiday & Destinations

Holiday & Destinations (H&D) brings to you, a unique way of travelling WITH PRACTICAL ITINERARIES.


Something exclusively for the ones who desire to break free from the monotony of their mundane routine lives, away from the computer screens and the deadlines for a while. Give thyself some rest. Starting from destination ideation, booking hotel room, planning your travel tickets, etc. leave the entire spectrum on us.


Team H&D is full of young travel enthusiasts backed by The KALRA GROUP, a company that has been serving its customers for more than 5 decades in hospitality industry not only in India but also in the world.


You may choose from the destinations we have sought out, after a meticulous planning or you may share your Dream holiday with us, and we will ENSURE  A DREAM COME TRUE HOLIDAY FOR YOU.


H&D promises to take care of all your travel-related needs, be it big or small, and make your holiday, REALLY A DELIGHTFUL HOLIDAY.